Rental Agreement


Thank you for renting a roll-off dumpster from us. This document is designed to make your service and rental as efficient and cost effective as possible. 

Please read the entire document prior to signing as it is a contract.

Loading Level & Weight Instructions – The customer is responsible for the filling of the dumpster and its contents. The roll-off boxes must be loaded evenly and level – nothing should extend higher than the side or top rails. 

Concrete, dirt, rocks, brick, asphalt, stucco, and other heavy inert materials may not be loaded any higher than 2 feet above the bin floor in any size dumpster. 

Overweight loads are dangerous and subject to be dumped and reloaded at the customer’s expense, or billed a surcharge up to $25 per ton over normal tonnage charges.

Hard to Handle & Hazardous Materials – No liquids, batteries, paint, toxic materials, oils, hazardous waste materials, explosives, pressurized containers of any kind, or any items listed by City, State or Federal agencies with jurisdiction over the respective area.  

Appliances, tires, televisions, computer monitors, non-friable asbestos, telephone poles, railroad ties, and agricultural waste are subject to additional charges at all local disposal facilities. Fees range from $5 to $250 per item.

Roll-off Rates & Scheduling – Rates charged for roll-off services 

include delivery fees, hauling fees per dumpster, and tonnage fees for the landfill materials dumped. 

We reserve the right to charge for container rental after the free grace period, overweight charges if over contracted weight, delay charges if the dumpster is overfull or inaccessible, labor charges to adjust uneven or unsafe loads, or any additional fees for unacceptable items. We require a flat and level surface for box placement. 

Please provide a minimum of (1) full day notification in advance when scheduling service. The customer is responsible for any local city or municipality permit which may be required.

Rental Rate  $ 10  per day after 5 free days  


TERMS DUE UPON RECEIPT: Initial flat rate due at the time of the order. I authorize the balance due to be charged to my card if other payment arrangements are not made within Lathan Equipment Co., terms